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What is life insurance?

Life insurance gives your loved ones financial protection in the event of your death. Your monthly premiums mean peace of mind, a future for your family and no scary surprises.

How does life insurance work?

Nobody lives forever, no matter how many fruits and veggies you eat. But if keep up your life insurance premiums, your chosen beneficiaries will receive a payout when you die.

Who needs life insurance?

None of us know what the future may bring. But if you’re a parent or have a spouse, life insurance means your loved ones could be debt-free when you’re no longer around.


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    Term Life

    Starting at $8/month

    For the lowest initial price, you can get term life insurance for a specific period. A great choice for those on a budget.

    • Lowest initial price
    • Income replacement for a spouse
    • Helps with education costs or coverage mortgage payments

    Universal Life

    Permanent life insurance remains in place as long as you pay your premiums. Enjoy flexible payments to match your needs. 

    • Lasts for life if you make payments
    • Adjustable death benefits
    • Flexibility in premium payments

    Final Expense

    Starting at $5/month

    Protect your family from funeral costs, medical bills and outstanding debts, with no medical exam.

    • Guaranteed acceptance for ages 50 to 80
    • Premiums will never go up
    • No medical exam


    • Waiver of Premium

      How would you or your family cope if you suffered a serious long-term illness or injury? With this benefit, your family or business will remain protected by your insurance if you become totally disabled. If you provide proof of your total disability, which then exists continuously for at least six months, we will waive all premiums during your incapacitation.
    • Policy Conversion

      The conversion option allows you to exchange your term policy for a universal life insurance policy. Why do this? Because your new universal life policy will be issued at the same underwriting class as your existing term policy. Should a change in your health occur, you would be exempt from a change in underwriting class. Conversions can be requested anytime within your guaranteed level premium period, or until age 70, whichever comes first. Policies issued at age 66 or over are convertible during the first five policy years.

    • Flexible Payment Schedule

      Policy premiums can be paid in the following ways to fit your needs: annually, semi-annually, quarterly and monthly.  A popular way of paying is to set-up automatic bank drafts to your account, commonly referred to as electronic funds transfer, EFT, or pre-authorized checking, PAC. The automatic payment method is available for all premium bill modes. You may also pay by check for annual, semi-annual or quarterly premiums. An automatic bank draft is required for a monthly premium payment. 

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    Life insurance for as little as $7 a month

    Frequently asked questions

    What is a rider on a life insurance policy?

    A rider is an optional add-on to your policy. You can add a rider when you want some additional benefit on top of your standard policy, like the Accelerated Death Benefit rider. Adding a rider to your life insurance policy will usually increase your premiums.

    What is a life insurance premium?

    A life insurance premium is the regular payment you make in exchange for coverage. The rate you pay can be fixed or flexible depending on your policy type. Most people pay their premiums annually, but we also offer semi-annual, quarterly and monthly payment schedules depending on your needs.

    How much life insurance do I need?

    No one can predict the future, but the greater your life insurance coverage, the greater your peace of mind. Life insurance products are designed to cover almost any eventuality, from critical illness to sudden funeral expenses, so increasing your coverage means you can meet essential daily costs – such as childcare and paying the mortgage – when you need it most.

    What is life insurance net cash value?

    The net cash value refers to the amount you would receive if you were to surrender your life insurance policy. If your life insurance policy has a cash value component, you will accumulate savings each month which can be used as a source of cash, loans, or to pay policy premiums.

    Is life insurance worth it?

    If your family is financially dependent on you, then life insurance is definitely a worthwhile investment. How would your loved ones manage if you were to pass away unexpectedly? Life insurance can replace your income that would otherwise pay for living costs, such as childcare, paying the mortgage and unpaid medical bills.