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What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance gives you the greatest coverage for the lowest initial price. It’s a great solution for people with temporary needs or a limited budget. As the name implies, term life provides protection for a specific period of time. You will generally receive a benefit only if you die during the ‘term.’ Coverage periods typically range from 10- to 40 years, with 20 years being the most common.

How term life insurance works

As with all life insurance policies, you pay premiums on your policy every year in exchange for death protection. But with term life insurance, there's one important difference: you pay premiums only for the length of the term. When the term ends, your premiums end, and so does your coverage. That means if you were to die before the end of the term, your beneficiaries would receive the death benefit.

You can extend your term coverage for a portion of your policy length by adding a term rider for a set period of time. This gives you more coverage early on and drops off when you no longer need it, saving you money in the long run. Many families opt to add a child rider to their term policy to cover their kids while they grow.  

What are the benefits of a term life policy?

Term life coverage is a simple, cost-effective way to protect your loved ones. It’s straightforward coverage and is easy to apply online. Plus, it comes with lower premiums, giving you the chance to meet your financial obligations today while still protecting your family's future tomorrow.

  • Support your kids’ education
  • Replace your income to support your family
  • Buy more coverage on a budget
  • Provides coverage for a set period of time
  • Cover your mortgage, college and funeral costs
  • Lower premiums so you can still pay the bills
  • Income replacement for a surviving spouse
  • Buy more coverage on a budget
  • Ideal for those with temporary needs
  • Term Riders available to cover changing needs and allows for customizable coverage
  • No cash value – generally pays death benefit only
  • Acceptance not guaranteed
  • We pay approved claims within 1 business day
  • 99.9% of claims were paid in 2019
  • Our claims teams has 188 years of experience combined
  • We make it easy to submit a claim


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Stacking term coverage can help you purchase the right amount of protection for the right length of time and may be the most cost-effective way to buy insurance.

How do I buy term life insurance?

Buying life insurance doesn't have to be complicated. We make it easy for you to protect your family's financial future. We've outlined the basic steps to get you moving in the right direction: 

  • Find out how much a term life policy will cost you online or if you'd like to speak with a licensed life insurance agent to get some advice, give us a call toll-free.
  • Once you've determined your needs and gotten a quote, a follow up interview will be scheduled at your convenience.
  • During the application process, you may have to complete a free medical evaluation in your home or medical facility near you.
  • Once you've provided the required information, your information will be reviewed. If you're approved, you'll be notified of your final health class and determine your premiums.

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